One of the fascinating things about photography is the ability to capture a split second occurrence that the eye would normally not be able to catch. This power has its pluses and minuses. Sometimes, the camera is able to catch us with facial expressions we didn’t even know we could make, or want to make for that matter. On the positive side,freezing the action of the flight of a bird, an animal running and a drop of water hitting a surface can create some beautiful images. This week, I focused on capturing a drop of water. water drop
Water is precious and necessary for sustenance. It can also be beautiful when frozen in time.

water drop fallingIt creates such interesting shapes.

water drop below surfaceBoth above and below the surface.

water drop fallingTo capture the drop in motion can be difficult. First, you must guess where the drop will land and focus on something in that area. I used a pencil point. Then, the shutter speed must be high enough to be able to freeze the action.

water dropI used from 640 to 2500. You may need to adjust your ISO and aperture to achieve the correct exposure. If you want to take the aperture out of the equation you can shoot in shutter priority mode.

I like the variety of the results – no two shots are alike. Sometimes we take water for granted, but, especially during this time of drought, it can be beneficial to contemplate every little drop.

water drop and statue~ Sue