Catherine Keefe / Writer

Catherine Keefe is a poet, essayist and former journalist. She’s the Founding Editor of dirtcakes, a literary journal dedicated to exploring themes suggested by the UN Millennium Development goals to end extreme poverty.

Catherine’s poetry and essays have appeared or are forthcoming in Cactus Heart, DASH Literary Journal, Gettysburg Review, Lunch Ticket and Sugar House Review,  Los Angeles Times Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Orange Coast and hundreds of US and Canadian newspapers. Her short story “Delivery Day” won the John Fowles Center Award. Cliff Season, her poetry manuscript is now looking for a publishing home.

Catherine teaches writing at Chapman University where she earned an MFA in Creative Writing and an MA in English Literature. If you’d like to see what happens in a college writing course, you can visit her teaching website, Summits Guide.

You can find all Catherine’s backyard sisters posts by clicking “by Catherine Keefe” on the homepage right sidebar.

9 thoughts on “Catherine Keefe / Writer

  1. Sue, I love this sight! I love your recipes, your photos and all the inspirational thoughts!! Great sight. I’m going to forward this to my friends…

    Added your sight to my Bookmark Bar!!

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