What we do


Susan Greene and Catherine Keefe are two California sisters who celebrate michikusa, a Japanese word with no exact English equivalent.  It literally translates as “grass on the wayside” but in everyday usage it means “loitering on the way, or taking a pause to look around.”

Susan’s photos surprise with a new perspective on the quotidian. She offers insights on technique, composition tips, and inspiration.IMG_5226-sumer-o-color-1

Catherine’s essays invite a fresh look at a common thing.  She provided book and author recommendations here, and occasionally a writing prompt or tip. She’s moved her writing game over to her own website. Come visit there: www.CatherineKeefe.comDSCN2341

Susan and Catherine also take turns guiding you in great cooking adventures.brownie sundae

Thanks so much for visiting backyard sisters.  The gate’s always open. Please contact us to request reprint permission, book a custom workshop, schedule a guest presentation for your group, or simply say hi.
~ Catherine and Susan


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