Cue the fog

trees in fog

There’s nothing like fog for creating a spooky atmosphere, and around here, just in time for Halloween, the morning and evening fog has “come on little cat feet” as Carl Sandburg poetically expressed it. Seeing everything through a misty filter gives me an eerie feeling. Perhaps it’s the ability to hide and become almost invisible the haze provides. Or, the trees turning into ghostly figures when shrouded in fog.

tree in fogWhichever it is I can’t shake a certain uneasiness while walking in the fog. Are those footsteps I hear? What was that movement up ahead? Where did that person, who was just there, go?

tree in fogSounds become amplified and ominous. I can often hear the clanging of buoys, moaning of fog horns and crashing of waves from my front yard, which is a couple of miles from the beach, in foggy weather.

trees in fogAt times, the fog can also elicit feelings of calm, coziness and quietude. Palm trees in fog

palm trees in fog

This day, however, I choose to get in the Halloween spirit and embrace the spookiness and eeriness of the fog.