Shadow Study

As we examine shadows and their use in photography further, today I am offering a few photos which capture shadows for different purposes. Shadows can add dimension to an image.

IMG_1785 shadowIn the winter, the surf will sometimes be very large, for our area, and cause erosion of the sand leaving a sharp drop off winding its way down the shore. The shadow reveals the path.

St Croix walkwayThe shape of the arches is repeated by the shadows on the ground.

_MG_5629 shadowsShadows are functional also.

The shadows of clouds on the ground, in landscapes, is a favorite of mine.

IMG_9234 shadows

IMG_4956 shadowsStill looking on the dark side,

~ Susan

Shadow Play

This month, we are turning to the dark side, shadows that is. We will explore shadows’ effect on your photography; either as a subject or using them to create mystery, add texture and highlight forms. Using a shadow as a subject, can add interest and mix things up a bit in your photography. Tennis season is winding down and I have been photographing the girls in action quite a bit. I noticed the position of the late afternoon sun during the matches causing long shadows to be cast from the players.

_MG_2075-2It creates something different from the usual tennis action shot. Here is study of a serve in shadows. First the toss,


next, the swing,

_MG_0983and finally, the follow through.

_MG_0984Part of the original subject can be included in your photo,

tennis player shadow


or both the original subject and the shadow.

_MG_1206The shadow selfie is one unique way to capture a special time.

shadows on beachAll month, I will be singing “Me and My Shadow”, the children’s version. In case you haven’t heard it before, you can click here.

Keeping an eye on the shadows,

~ Susan