The View from Up Here is Great

The Getty Center in Los Angeles is one of my favorite places to visit — not only for the art exhibits, which are reason enough, but also for the architecture and the photo opportunities. A couple of weeks ago, I visited the Klimt exhibit and after emerging from the second floor of the pavilion, took a few moments to admire the view. The gardens are spectacular.

I was particularly fond of the the aerial view from my perch on the balcony. It was the middle of the day, making the light a bit harsh, but sometimes you just have to go with what you are presented with. The moon’s presence at this hour was a little gift I took and tried to make the most of.

The textures produced by the travertine stones present another interesting element on the Richard Meier designed buildings. I switched to my zoom lens and brought the view a bit closer.

It’s fun to see how people choose to enjoy their time at the Getty Center. I chose to “reflect” on it.

The view of the city and a bit of the cactus garden are visible through this passageway.

The beautiful curved lines of the buildings against the blue sky caught my attention.

The possibilities for capturing moments at the Getty Center are endless and that’s why I never tire of making the trip up the hill. If you go, be sure to check out the Fran and Ray Stark Sculpture Garden on the lower tram station level.  It is often overlooked by visitors but, in my opinion, is a good starting point for one’s visit. Maybe I’ll see you there!

~ Sue

The Weekend Dish

Pritzker Pavilion Millenium Park

One of the many things I have learned from my visits to Chicago is that when the weather  warms up the slightest bit, people come outside. They will be out walking, riding bikes, roller skating and running. So in summer, it goes to reason, they are out in droves. This past week, I was one of them enjoying many of the outdoor activities that city has to offer. As my daughters and I sat on the lawn of Millenium Park on a Friday evening relaxing, enjoying a picnic and listening to the sweet sounds of the Grant Park Orchestra and Chorus, it struck me how nice it is to just be outside. When the concert ended, I wasn’t ready for it to be over. So we sat there being entertained by all the other lingerers, not yet ready to move on, until it was almost dark.

Pritzker Pavilion Millenium Park

Another night we went to a movie in one of the many parks. Nothing makes it feel like summer, to me, more than getting outside and watching a movie or experiencing a concert. Now that summer is officially here, the opportunities to get out and play are numerous in many, if not most, cities. Chicago has parks galore. Several of them are the sites of events during the summer such as movies in the park. There are festivals, parades and markets and the Chicago tourism website is a wonderful resource for locating an activity.

My hometown of Los Angeles offers many opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities during the summer months as well. Saturday night is movie night throughout summer in Exposition Park. Street Food Cinema, features food trucks, a band and a movie. The Getty museum hosts music on certain Saturday evenings through their Saturdays off the 405 series. Jazz at the LA County Museum of Art  can be found on Friday nights as well. Of course, one can’t forget the quintessential outdoor venue in LA, the Hollywood Bowl. Or, check out the lesser known Ford Theatre, right across the freeway from the Hollywood Bowl, for a smaller venue and eclectic mix of events featuring acts from Los Angeles County based artists. To find many al fresco activities all around LA try the Eye Spy LA website. I bet you can discover outdoor activities in your city too. Let us know maybe we will stop by for a visit.

Now go outside and play! Happy Summer!
~ Sue

Food, marvelous, wonderful, glorious food

The orphans in Oliver! sing its praises, “food, glorious food,”  we need it to survive and I don’t know about you but I seem to spend a lot of time thinking about it. . . food! I devote countless hours to pondering what to make for meals then peering at produce and labels to pick the necessary ingredients, poring over menus when ordering at a restaurant and perusing cookbooks and magazines looking for inspiration. Recently I have found yet another way of expending even more energy on food by taking photos of it.

If you also like talking about and taking pictures of food there is a photography contest under way that may suit your fancy.  My Nikon Life Magazine is the sponsor, but you don’t need to use a NIKON camera to enter. They “want a mouth-watering story about a great food experience – told in both words and pictures.”   The contest has been divided into three phases and currently is in the third and final phase. The deadline for submissions is  31 August, 2012.  Just like the song in Oliver! the title is Food Glorious Food and you can click there to find out all about it.

Also, if you are in the Los Angeles area June 9th and are in the market for new, original artwork you may want to check out the pop-up gallery the Tappan Collective is sponsoring. The Tappan Collective is an online gallery selling artwork by emerging artists from around the country. The pop-up gallery is 7-10PM at the Jeffries Building, 117 Winston St, LA. To learn more and get all the details visit the Tappan Collective website.

~Ciao, Sue

The Super Moon

This week I was on a quest to capture the super moon Saturday night. It was the closest it will be to earth this year and full at the same time. I started on the top of a parking structure which overlooks the city of Los Angeles and arrived at dusk just in time to witness the rising.

Then I zoomed in . . .


Later in the night when I was in my own backyard, I turned my eyes towards the sky and captured the moon alone.

super moon

Photographing at night is challenging and fun.