Thanks for the Opportunities

Thanksgiving is a couple of days away and while a great deal of my time lately has been devoted to perusing recipes, in my recipe box and magazines; reading the accompanying articles about planning the meal and following countdowns to the feast, creates nostalgia for Thanksgivings past. The urge to take a break from the food planning, sent me to my photos. Thanksgiving offers a wealth of opportunities for photography. The table alone can hold many items which make excellent still life subjects.

fall harvest centerpieceTry some macro photography as well…

salt and pepper shaker macroThe action in the kitchen presents another chance to capture memories from the mashing of the potatoes to the slicing of the turkey, every activity is worthy of a memory – even putting the turkey down for its’ rest before slicing.

Thanksgiving preparationHere’s a tip: if you are in the vicinity of the turkey as it is being sliced, you may be called in to service as a taste tester!

After the main meal, before dessert, there is nothing quite like a rousing game of photo tag for allowing your food to digest.

photo tag

photo tag

photo tag

These reminiscences are fond ones. Recalling the fun of preparing and sharing the meal with loved ones warms my heart. One thing I did notice while flipping through my photos, I don’t have many pictures of the food. This year, along with my usual people pictures, I am going to make an effort to capture the food in all its’ succulent glory. Better get back to those recipes and deciding what to make for my veggie side dish.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!



The Weekend Dish

I’m going to Des Moines!

There’s only one thing that could lure me from California to Iowa in August during a record-breakingly hot summer and that’s my sister.

We’re two sets of girls one year apart, nearly to the day, with a five year span separating the oldest from the youngest.  Sue and I are the middle sisters.  T and I shared a room, a closet, baby dolls and disco balls, See’s candy binges, cigarettes when we thought we were cool, and alibis when we got found out. She is, without a doubt, my greatest advocate, cheerleader, and confidant and it’s the Backyard Sisters way to never let too much time or distance come between in-person conversation and hugs.

You too can give the last hurrah of summer over to your sister.

Call her. Visit. Send a funny card.

Go backyard camping with your sister.
Write your sister. Write about your sister. Take a really pretty picture of your sister. Ask about her favorite recipe.
Praise your sister.  Pray for your sister.  Offer to babysit for her, or work in her garden, or do her back taxes. Take her to lunch, or brunch, or tea, or out for mojitos. Dance with your sister. Whatever language you speak, be sure to tell her how much she means to you.

If you enjoy photos of sisters, you might love to see how photographer Wilma Hurskainen captured the passing of time with her three sisters.  Wilma, who lives and works in Helsinki, gathered her three sisters to reenact childhood photos in a collection called “Growth.” View it here. You can click on the thumbnails on the artist’s website to see full size images.

We’d love to hear how you enjoy spending time with your sister this weekend. As for T and I, we’ll probably giggle helplessly over nothing and realize that having one person in all the world that you never need to explain yourself to is absolutely one of life’s greatest gifts.

With glee and corn,