I lost my fear of heights on the Eiffel Tower

A commercial I saw recently featuring a little girl who dreams of flying prompted a memory of my own dreams of flying as a little girl. Since I haven’t yet acquired either the skills or ability to fly, I have found, in my opinion, the next best thing – aside from flying in an airplane – searching out the tallest structures or mountains and ascending them to take in the world from up high.

Paris is especially fun to experience from a vantage point far above the city. One obvious choice for this is the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower, Paris

This required my putting aside my feeling of skittishness when looking down from great heights. I share a kindred spirit with a young girl I overheard as I was descending the Eiffel Tower. She declared, “I lost my fear of heights on the Eiffel Tower!”

It is hard to be nervous while gazing at such a captivating view. Cars and people are so tiny, almost toy-like.

Paris, France

When one travels a few hundred feet up, an orderliness to a city becomes apparent.

Paris, France from Eiffel Tower

Paris, FranceParis, France

Often, the tall structures are evident from great distances and invite, almost taunt, me to visit.

Toronto skyline

Toronto Skyline

The views can be magnificent, even at night.

View from CN Tower, Toronto

View from CN Tower, Toronto

The CN Tower in Toronto has an outside observation deck which is lit up at night with changing colored lights creating an interesting hue to photos taken through the lights.The view from above also allows one to see things which can’t be seen from ground level, like the maple leaf on the rooftop.

Toronto city lights

View from CN Tower, Toronto

A funicular ride to the top of Monte Igueldo in San Sebastian, Spain made this view possible.

San Sebastian, Spain from Monte Igueldo
Here’s to seeing things from a different perspective and the joy of beauty trumping any fears holding you back.

May we all, “lose our fear of heights on the Eiffel Tower!”

And maybe I will learn to fly someday, baby steps.

~ Sue