The Lines in the Sand

With leading lines on my mind, I recently headed down to the beach. Standing at the top of the ramp looking down, I found my first photo. The lines of the ramp were beckoning me to follow them down to the many possibilities waiting below; surfing, swimming, bike riding, walking, running or beach-combing – not this morning, it’s photography I chose this morning.

DSC_0315beach lines

Stopping to take note and looking around I see the lines are everywhere; from the tire tracks left by lifeguard trucks,

DSC_0311beach linesto the footprints left by people and birds,

DSC_0237beach lines

to   the line created by the foam of the waves rolling up to the shore,

DSC_0241beaach linesto the waves combined with footprints.

DSC_0244beach linesEverywhere I look I see lines. The jetty jutting out from the shore as if daring me to incorporate it into a photo and I must comply.

DSC_0264beach linesI got lucky because there was a pod of dolphins playing right off the jetty this morning. I had to thank it for taunting me and capturing my attention, I may have missed those dolphins if I hadn’t.

DSC_0297beach linesIt’s always thrilling to me to see the dolphins so close to shore frolicking in the surf but I can’t forget the people out and about as well.

DSC_0309beach linesThis line of cut telephone poles caught my eye too, there was no stopping me.

DSC_0262beach linesIn the mornings, these stairs are a well-used exercise spot usually filled with climbers taking on the “stairs to fitness” but this evening they are much quieter – but still as high. I especially like the shadows of the rails at this time of day and how they multiply the leading line effect.

DSC_0253beach linesLooking for leading lines has become a game and a bit of an obsession to me now. This coming week you can find me still looking for the lines but in a different location.

Until next week. . .