Composition and Framing the Subject

IMG_2462.JPGWhen composing your photos and thinking about what you are trying to say with your photo or convey to a viewer, you might consider adding a type of framing element. By blocking parts of an image, the viewer’s attention is drawn to whatever subject you choose.

Adding a framing element to your photo can add context and interest.


Also, a sense of depth and dimension can be imparted by adding foreground components.

IMG_2621.JPGThe addition of a person walking among the redwoods enables a viewer to grasp the enormity of their size while the placement within the opening of the tree adds interest.

IMG_9484Trees, leaves and branches make for colorful natural framing tools.

CA  country


Another technique for using leaves to frame a shot is to shoot through leaves using a telephoto lens thus creating a very blurred foreground and isolating your subject.

matilijaWindows are often used as framing devices . . .

IMG_4469even car windows. An architectural element, such as an arch, can be a fun frame as well.


Using people as a frame works also, shooting through heads or over a shoulder adds an embellishment and silhouetting them adds drama.

IMG_9016 The frame doesn’t have to completely surround your subject either; it can be on one, two or more sides.

When adding framing elements to a photo ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish and will the frame add to that goal. If the answer is yes, go for it! Most of all, have fun looking for ways to add framing to your photos and play around with it. It can make you look at your images in a different light.

This week I will be looking at things with a new frame of mind,




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