Go Ahead and Break It

Patterns denote a certain regularity – repeating designs or behaviors.

photo credit: @1ofmykind

photo credit: @1ofmykind

I have noticed l have a tendency to fall into a photographic pattern. It hit me while going through my photos one day. Whether shooting portraits, landscapes or even editorial I become comfortable with what has worked in the past and tend to repeat it- same poses, settings, subjects.

grass pattern

It can be difficult but fun to try and break out of patterns, try a different angle, a new lens, different settings, new pose, etc.

IMG_1376I am naturally drawn to certain subjects, and I find making a conscious effort to look at them from a different angle or focusing on a smaller part of the whole, keeps me from falling into a familiar pattern.

IMG_9737Not that we have to do something different every time, simply making an effort to create new takes on old scenes can spark a freshness in our perspective and get the “creative juices” flowing.

IMG_4608Also, choosing subjects that you may not usually photograph will have the same result and often this is right in front of our eyes! We just have to remember to raise the camera, focus and click.

To a week of breaking patterns.

~ Susan

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