Creating Lines in Portraits

To wrap up this month of leading lines, I focus on the portrait. My most willing backyard model joined me for a short photo shoot to demonstrate a few poses.DSC_0379portraits

I found some photos taken a few years ago of my backyard model to use as well.


Limbs, hands and hair are a few of the posing, line producing possibilities. Simply bending one or both arms draws attention to the face.

IMG_4964portraitBending legs and taking the photo straight on or outstretched legs taken from the side are two ways of using the legs to draw the eye to the face. Hand placement near the face is  another way to achieve leading lines. Finally, we used a pose involving bent legs from the side mixed with straight and bent arm with hand by face, a little bit of everything.


Even a neighbor’s cat wanted in on the action.

There are many possibilities for incorporating lines in poses to draw attention to the face. I have just touched the surface. I hope you will go and try finding a few of your own.

Here’s to finding a willing model.

~ Susan

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