Read the Lines

It’s February and that means we have a new theme. This month’s photographic concept is leading lines.  Photographically speaking, it is a compositional tool in which the photographer utilizes lines to engage and draw the viewer into the photo and/or highlight a subject.

leading lines children walkingIt can be subtle

LA city hall and musi center fountainor more obvious.

IMG_4433.JPGlead line

Sometimes, these lines will lead the eye through and out of the photo.

Park path leading line

wyoming country roadLines are everywhere once you start noticing and are often created by objects such as a road, a tree line, a building, telephone poles, stairs, there are many possibilities. Your lines  don’t have to be straight; so keep your eyes out for curvy and diagonal lines as well.

Versailles grounds leading linesWith an eye on the lines.

~ Susan

Lines in a photo can be used to highlight a subject and bring a viewer’s eye to that subject or beyond.

Search for lines to incorporate into your photography this week.
Look for diagonal and curved lines also.
Place your subject in such a way that the lines draw a viewer’s eyes to your subject.

Look for works by one of your favorite photographers, in a book or online or go to a museum, and see if you can find leading lines in their photos. Take note of how your experience of that picture is affected by these lines.

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