Out and About, Olvera St

_MG_9745 candidA lunch trip to Olvera St with some backyard family presented the perfect opportunity to play with candid shots. Olvera St is a Mexican-themed street market located in the El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument. It is one colorful place. From the items for sale

_MG_9765 candidto the lunch time entertainment

_MG_9755 candidthere is no doubt this is a vibrant place. The street is full of shops and restaurants and is  located downtown near the area of the founding of Los Angeles. The opportunities for pictures are many, both candid

_MG_9760 candid and posed.

_MG_9748 candidStrolling down the brick paved street or resting on a bench and gazing upon the parade of visitors are enjoyable activities which lead to all sorts of photographic opportunities. If you’re in the area or plan to be, it’s worth a trip; taking in the street scene, having some Mexican food (the fresh tortillas – so fresh you can watch them being made behind the counter), and shopping, along with a history lesson – if you tour some of the surrounding buildings – are just some of the highlights – oh, and don’t forget your camera!



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