lake with mountain reflectionThis week while reflecting on some past photos, the idea to explore reflections struck.
Reflections can be created by many different shiny surfaces.  Water, is a natural.

harbor, Gwynedd, Wales

Buildings can be reflective as well. In this instance, in Chicago, the reflection of the older intricate architecture in the sleek more modern building is a nice study in contrasts.

Chicago buildings reflected in side of building


The building at 333 W. Wacker in Chicago’s riverside facade is curved to mirror the shape of the bend in the river. The surface is highly reflective which showcases the river, surrounding buildings and sky.

Chicago skyline reflected in buildings


Glass, of course, is another reflective surface which can be used very creatively because you get a picture within a picture effect.

gorilla with child's reflectionThe children here are reflected in the glass of the gorilla’s enclosure.

A shiny counter top serves as an interesting reflective subject also.

tomatoes reflected in counter top  One of the funnest places I have found for reflective pictures is the Cloud Gate sculpture, aka the bean, in Chicago.

Chicago, the bean
The skyline and sky are reflected as are the many people enjoying their reflections and the city’s too.

chicago bean and sky

The shape of the bean can distort the images creating a fun house mirror effect. Go inside the structure and you will be treated to an abstract reflective delight.

inside the Chicago bean

This week I encourage you to look to the reflections presenting themselves in your daily life and maybe snap a photo of a few.


2 thoughts on “reflections

  1. At last~! Someone else as crazy about reflections as I am. Nice job capturing the “bounceback”.
    It’s amazing all the reflective surfaces that there are out there! I really enjoyed your work.
    If you wanna check out some more reflections, try my blog.

    • Thank-you for visiting and sharing the reflective joy. I like your reflections and your blog, which brought to my attention that I neglected to mention the shiny car as a reflective surface.

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