Here a model, there a model

Because we have mannequins  . . . why doesn’t really matter,  I am faced with an opportunity. In the past few weeks, they have made their way out of the basement, where they have been standing/lounging, as if at a supermodel party for numerous years, to the backyard where they are standing in as our version of yard art/scarecrows. We are passing them on and I decided they need to be put to work, after so many years of rent-free living, before that could happen.

Mannequins make excellent models, no complaining, no funny faces or accidental shut eyes, but are a bit “one note” as far as expressions go. Our backyard is the location and an exercise in depth of field the first job. Setting my f-stop to 4, I shot this:

I am happy with the blurring of the background achieved and how it makes him stand out but some times you want to see the background so I set the f-stop to 16:

I like the depth of field in this one and how in focus she is, although he is a bit out of focus. Next, I tried a different set-up and an f-stop of 22:

I was very happy with the focus of all three subjects and the surroundings even the wires (they add an urban feel). The f-stop controls the opening in the camera allowing in more or less light and it also controls the depth of field. A larger opening, achieved by using a lower numbered f-stop, produces a shallow depth of field, where the background will be blurry and almost velvety. Conversely, a smaller opening, using a higher numbered f-stop, produces a deep field of vision, obtaining focus in subjects both close and farther away from the camera.                                                                                                           Face into the sun and f-stop back to 4, she shines like the supermodel she is:

Next, it was his turn:

How many models will stay still for a spider on their nose? After that, the fun really began. Time to put them to work in the yard,

Disaffected? Yes. Yet will do anything asked of them. . .

Their dreamy aura inspired this pose:

Lastly, the American Gothic painting by Grant Wood comes to my mind while gazing at these two.  A modern take on a classic:

I bid adieu to “Adam and Eve”, it was fun knowing you!

~ Sue

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